Virtual Office Space


Get access to a professional business hub on an as-needed basis.

Set up a virtual office from as low as RM90 per month and work from home or anywhere else you please and let us take care of your business.

We offer 3 packages at unbeatable prices to cater to your business needs and budget.

Basic Superior Premium
Prime Business Address checked checked checked
Dedicated Telephone Line checked checked checked
Professional Call Answering checked checked checked
Incoming Call Messages Notification Via email Via email or SMS Via telephone call, email or SMS
Mail Handling & Administrative Support checked checked checked
Incoming and Outgoing Faxes checked checked checked
Free Broadband Access checked checked
Business Lounge Access (for you & your staff) (for you & your staff & business associates)
Free coffee & tea making facilities Self-service, Unlimited consumption Self-service, Unlimited consumption
Meeting Room Usage 2 hr /day or 16 hrs/mth
* In-house rates for all additional services